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Who are we?

LIDO is a  ed-tech company revolutionizing the formal classroom education through a unique and immersive online classroom for every child in India. Overcoming the challenge of high student-teacher ratios in standard classrooms, LIDO offers personalised coaching through its integrated, multi-faceted online platform that merges differentiated lesson plans,  challenging quizzes,  fun videos and animated games with the customised  care of a live tutor.

Lido’s goal is to inspire and empower every child for the future. In order to achieve this goal, we invite you to be a part of our ever-growing LIDO family.

Why  be a part of Lido?

The first of its kind in India, the LIDO learning platform aims to  provide a comprehensive education experience for its students and  Tutors are at the core of this venture. Tutors  humanise our content and make it relatable for our students. Being a tutor at LIDO means being at the forefront  of cutting edge developments in ed-based technology while simultaneously keeping your love for personal contact  with your students intact. Moreover, it allows you the flexibility to operate from the comfort of your workplace or home. It is the ultimate blended learning model that caters to both student and teacher flexibility. Ultimately, teaching is about human development and our tutors keep the human element alive.

Lido has a great team, with an excellent blend of entrepreneurial and industry experience.  We not only offer a great opportunity for students to learn and climb up the ladder of success but also help tutors to learn  new innovative and fun methods of teaching.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Bachelors Degree
  2. High level of fluency with conversational English

Our Ideal tutors:

Appreciate the value of a great teacher in a student’s life

- Take earnest interest in their student’s academic achievement

- Enjoy coaching or mentoring students

- Work independently with minimum supervision and with sincerity as well as integrity

- Have a commanding screen presence that holds the student’s attention

- Believe in conceptual learning that goes beyond rote memorization

- Are friendly, pleasant and can build rapport quite easily

- Are comfortable with technology and dealing with digital content

- Are great with time management

- Are open to feedback and learning



 There will be a two week online training, for four hours a day at the start of your contract. Our head office is  in Lower Parel, Mumbai.


You can choose to work between 15-40 hours per week. You must decide upfront so that we can schedule batches to you accordingly. The yearly contract signed up will feature these hours. 

Currently our classes run from 4pm-10pm, Monday to Friday and 10am-10pm on Weekends. These timings are subject to change.

Compensation Package: 

We're a well-funded start-up paying competitive salaries to our staff aligned with your experience. A full time tutor( 40hours) can earn anywhere from Rs 20K a month( fresher's) to upto Rs 45K a month if you're highly experienced. If  in addition, you work on Sundays, you will be paid overtime.

We are happy to discuss the details further down the recruitment process